Blinded by these Heroes and Thieves at my door.

Went for CJ’s drama play with some of the T11 people on Friday. And i got to say that Anne’s damn awesome!!! Omg, she was so cute when she was hypnotised, hahaha. I love how Anne’s so natural when she’s on stage. Probably one of the best actress on stage the other day! Good Job Anne!!!

Oh oh, anw, i was at some public toilet today, and smth really really weird happened. Ok, not weird as in supernatural unexplained kind of weird la. But as in smth happened which does not usually happen. At least in our world today.

So you see, i was in the toilet and there was this empty cubicle. I went in and realize there wasn’t any toilet roll so i just stood and waited for the other cubicles to clear. Then suddenly, this woman with this big bag of tissue came up to me and asked why i didn’t use that cubicle. So, i just replied that there wasn’t any toilet roll. Then the woman took out 2 packs of tissue from her bag and gave it to me. And since there’s no free thing in this world, and i was only carrying my HP, i told her i had no money and i couldn’t buy the packets of tissue from her.

Then she said “No, you dont have to pay, i’m giving it to you”. For a moment i was stunned and unsure if i should take that 2 packs of tissue… I mean it’s so weird right… But, becuz i was really urgent, i just took the 2 packets of tissue. hahaha.

Anw, when i was done peeing, i only used like what, 2 pieces of tissue, so i decided to return her the unused packet. I mean i dont need it right. So when i got out of the cubicle, i returned one pack of tissue to her and she actually refused to take it back and offerred to give me more tissues. But i just thanked her and left. Hahaha.

Made me realize what kind of world we’re leaving in. A world where strangers can come up to you and offer you smth for free, and you would start to wonder if there’s anything wrong with their stuff and carry thoughts about them being illegal goods? Hmmm….

Alright, back to my studies. Have a gr8 week readers.

Anne, the star of the Night!

Rest of the photos up on FB! Too lazy to upload all the 60+ photos, hahaha.

I will be your guardian from all that’s coming down
steady your hand


  2. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAHAH. No, you were damn funny in the beginning!!! Your “yes!” action when you managed to walk slowly and hold the drinks was just soooo cuteeee! Hahaha.

  3. Hahahaha, I heard she was damn good k. Like, she was damn convincing and comfortable on stage. Don’t underestimate her la.
    HAHAHA I can’t remember but hahaha thanks 🙂

  4. luvcbelle said:

    Hahaha. Are you sure?! I thought she wasn’t that natural leh… Like she was just trying to get her lines across w/o much emotion? Hmm… Howell. You were much better, Anne!!!
    Good Job once again (:

  5. Hahaha yeah I’m very sure! The voice at the back of my head that was telling me to be nice said sooooooo!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  6. Anonymous said:

    eh auntie, people w a kind heart wna give u tissue just take la… No need to doubt/think twice/want to pay/give back!!! HAHAHHAHA just kidding belle you’re such an angel 🙂
    And you’re so lucky to hv met tt lady! Nv had that kinda toilet luck where people give away freebies before 😦 hahahaha (L)

  7. hahah imagine if you got rashes on your thingum after you used her tissues hahaah. no la but i think that lady was v nice! (:

  8. luvcbelle said:

    Hahahaha, eh eh, what aunty all ah. Haha. And eh, you think i don’t know. you actually want me to tell u which public toilet i went right. so you can also go and take the freebies right? Hahaha.
    Nxt time i bring you go then you can have such toilet luck. But i bet if the aunty offer you the whole bag you also sure take one right, hahaha.
    Luvvvyouuu Maris!

  9. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAHAHAAHA. I hope not… Haha. If that tissue is really dirty, i’m gg to make sure you get affected too k.
    I’ll give you the pack of tissue when school reopens. The unused one, hahaha. Yea, so nice right the aunty!!
    Oh oh, Omg omg, anw Chris, yknow what!!!! Jeniffer Love Hewitt is dating Jamie Kennedy aka Eli from Ghost Whisperer!!!
    So “huh….” right!

    haha at least she’s not dating the Sam guy hahaha.

  11. luvcbelle said:

    YA!!! I read it in some magazine. And there are rumours about them gg to get engaged soon or smth… ): WHY ISN’T SHE DATING DAVID CONRAD!!!
    Hahahahahaha!! Ya, omg… if she dates Sam, i’ll faint k.

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