Hoedown Throwdown

The girls who did Hoedown Throwdown ystd.

So Chris and Elissa were teaching us the Hoedown Throwdown ystd and we managed to learn quite abit. We’re planning to learn the rest of the dance on our own so that we can all do the dance together, which is so cool!!! haha. Luv my classmates for coming up with such ideas.

Can’t believe we just practice the dance at this empty space right outside of our classroom and everyone who walked past just gave us the ‘wthell stare’… But it was really fun though. Anw had the Awards Ceremony in the morning ystd, so tempted to do well, but not tempted to study… haha.

Mum’s birthday tmrw. I’ve yet to get her anything. I’ve got no idea!!! It’s always bag or wallet. Anyone has any idea of what i can give my mum?? Hmm….

And wah… someone appeared on the sports section of the Straits Time today ah, with the name there all, hahhahah.

!enoyreve yad 8rg a evah

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