hot & cold

Lynn’s 19th Birthday Celebration, with 100plus ppl turning up for the BBQ, was probably the only interesting thing that occurred last week. Other than that, it was intensive mugging for CTs.

CT was kinda really difficult. Esp math! (ohgoshhhh! Math remedial for another semester. Ha ha ha. Thank God i didn’t have any Great Expectations for my paper. (pun intended, hahaha)

And i absolutely h8 the weather in Singapore. Like officially h8 it!!! The change in the weather is damn drastic. Like it’s either extremely hot or extremely cold (just like some ppl…) -.-

But whatever it is, i’m loving this week cuz it’s the March Holidays!!! Class outing, Paolo’s Bday celebration, catch a movie, Sean staying over at my place +++ luv it.

And i hope the rain stops soon so that my BBQ and swimming plans can procceed without any hiccups. Hahaha, sounds so formal. K, Thankeeww.

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