‘Cause everyone wants to feel like someone cares

So x-country was ystd. The weather was…. fabulous. We prayed for rain, and God answered our prayers… (after x-country ended). But still, had lots of fun with T11. Wonder how i’ll ever survive school w/o them.

MT results out tmrw!!! Hope i’ll do well(considering the fact that i couldn’t find my chinese textbook the day before my exam.) I hope i’ll see a B. At least. OK… not pinning my hopes on an A, cuz i know that’s defintely impossible. But, Dear God, I would be very very happy to see an A on the results slip(: Please. I think i’ve been a good girl. I Think.

Just hope i won’t get C and below. I’ll gorge myself to death and die looking like a pig. K, exaggerating. But, yea, i’ll feel so depressed. But then again, i found the paper difficult and challenging, plus i screwed up my oral. So yea… i won’t rule out the possibility of it. OK, be optimistic belle, optimistic.

Ahhhh. K, nuff said. And CT is just next week. No where near done (nor halfway there). Like what Bro P said, The J2s are all gna seek divine intervention nxt week… i’m definitely one of them! Haha.

Alright, gtg start studying now. H8 burning the midnight oil. Need to sleep. Need to sleep. Can’t w8 for CTs to end!! Good day everyone!

-runs to the nearest window
A: Eh, there’s a rainbow?!
C: -rush over. HUH! Omg, serious? Where??
A: Wlau, don’t have…
C: Chay…
A: My friend la. Msg me say ‘Hey friends, there is a rainbow…
C: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHH! Ehhhh! Your friend and you stay in the same place meh!

A: Eh ya! -burst out laughing. HAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHA!
(after like 1 min)
A: Haha. My friend just msg me say “i stepped out of the house and saw a rainbow so i msg you all…

Anw, Goodluck to all those taking their A level results tmrw! Goodluck! +T11! Everyone’s gna pass chinese!

  1. sauyan said:

    hahahahaha your sister is really dumb

  2. omg so naive and dumb hahaha eh annabelle read this. anw, hi C! 😀

  3. hey belle! lol i was super screwed up because i didnt know what to think after mark told me i got a U. quite funny larh! i hope you did well, you are a good girl:)
    “Please. I think i’ve been a good girl. I Think.”

  4. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHA. At times only… And this is one of the many few.

  5. luvcbelle said:

    Very. And you should buy the ring! Damn nice. I like, haha.

  6. luvcbelle said:

    Hahahha, ya… Hi LH!(:

  7. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHA. Aren’t u glad you had gone to poly then? We’re all stressing in JC ): Hahaha. Thanxxxx. See you soon Kif!

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