The work of some form of indescribable telepathy.

“Aye… i know everyone else except that guy there leh. The one at the side there”
“Ya ya. The one with the most hair right!”

Hahahahaha. Chris is just so damnnnn funny. She made me laugh so much after school today.

Anw, today was a really good day. Everything went well… I like it!!! Gr8 way to start the week! I absolutely love the company i have in school, T11 plus my clique! The reason why i’m able to survive school everyday(:

Btw, i h8 the smell of my shampoo… Damn, PE tmrw.

  1. Thanks Belle 🙂
    You’re lucky to get your class and friends, wish I was back at SJC.
    Anyhows, all the way for As. 🙂

  2. luvcbelle said:

    Yea, i do miss SJC and 4G. Damn, that was one of my fav class. I miss studying in a all girls school. There’s just this indescribable feeling and sense of belonging no matter how isolated you’ll feel.
    You too!!! Don’t give up k? i know you can do it!!!<3

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