1. sauyan said:

    I’m gg out with Choiling 😀

  2. niavni said:

    Attending to a friend’s bbq

  3. My mom’s my valentine! Hahaha and I rmb you were my Valentine in sec3!! We have yet to eat the couples’ meal in PizzaHut!! 😀 I doubt they hv it alr anyway :/
    See u soon!! Miss u love u.

  4. Surprising a friend at his house in the morning (he’s a valentine baby!) then meeting my boyfriend’s friends but not him (cos he has church choir). 😦
    We’re celebrating at CHIJMES the next day though.

  5. luvcbelle said:

    sweeeetttt! Hahaha. Eh, i didnt go Gardens in the end ystd ):

  6. luvcbelle said:

    How fun! So many ppl gathering tgt on Vee day! Feel the love, haha.

  7. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAAHHA. eh, your _ leh? Working ah. Ya ya! Omg. so long ago. Miss Vdays in SJC la. Man, i want a balloon… Haha. random.
    Seeyou soon 2! Promise! ❤

  8. luvcbelle said:

    Awww, how sad. It’s ok la, he’s singing for God at least, Haha. And at least y’all get to celebrate on Sunday… at CHIJMES somemore! Haha.

  9. Yup. AS USUAL. Will tell you more about _. Why _ not my _. Hahahahahaha

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