#1 Caught Yes Man with the other 2 ystd. Gosh, the movie was hilarious, so damn hilarious.

#2 I’m so hungrrryyy right now. Craving for some curly fries and some Mac&cheese. But i’m broke, so broke. life suckssss.

#3 I’m having a headache now and i know i have to complete my holiday homework. Damn

#4 Kayzz, got to find smth to eat in that kitchen of mine. I’ll most probably end up with instant noodles, yay.

It’s always bittersweet

  1. Omg ‘Yes Man’ is damn funny righttttt. Jim Carrey is the retard-est shit ever-.- I loved the part where he scotch taped his face HAHAHA hilarious I tell you!
    Eh,are you talking about the fries from McDonalds? It’s called curly fries meh? I thought (Y)-ter[twister] fries? Hahaha.
    Anyway,I miss you very much. Call me when you see this!! Fix a date to meet, baby.

  2. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAHAHAH! The scotch tape part damn funny. I started laughing at the first part alrdy when he was in the VCD store and he kept moving his mouth, hahahaah!
    Ya ya. DOnt know what fries la. But curly curly one. ya, i think it’s twister fries. Omg, so cure (Y)-ter fries. U come up with it yourself one ah?
    Hahahahah. Awww, miss u too. yes, yes, will fix a date ASAP! whoo.

  3. Crissy is Jim Carey’s No.1 Fan (HAHAHA!)
    Omg,you made me say curly fries to the person today! I said “Can I have one large curly fries please? Oh no no,I mean twister fries (blushes)” Hahaha you la! I read your livejournal then I correct you and I myself say wrongly hahaha.
    (Y)-ter fries haha cool right. Yea,I made that up! Creative or what 🙂 next time order must do the (Y) sign hahaha. Act Juxiang only(she’s mute and deaf,little nyonya, remember?) hahahahahahaha.

  4. luvcbelle said:

    Re: Crissy is Jim Carey’s No.1 Fan (HAHAHA!)
    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Are u serioussssss. haha, omg, embarrassing moment there! haha.
    Haha, ya ya, the (Y)-ter fries thing damn cool, creative la somene, haha. U do first la, u think do the (Y) sign very cool ah. Hahaha. U getting little nonya withdrawal syndrom ah, hahah.

    you perm your fries arh belle. joker!

  6. Re: Crissy is Jim Carey’s No.1 Fan (HAHAHA!)
    Yes totally. The ending so lame. I got so angry after watching it! Stupid felicia chin so irritating hahaha.

  7. Anonymous said:

    Just Saying Hello
    Erm….Hi cris,bet you don’t know me at all for i have never posted a comment here before but i really have to admit that you are an interesting and cute person. Anywazz,if you are really “Freaked Out” about me and how i got to know you i will give you a hint, “I have always stood behind you during 11am mass every sunday. Okay, who am i kidding, you probably dont know who on earth i am. Anyways, i know i am weird but erm…..i am the warden standing behind you every sunday and i have always wanted to let you know that erm……Nevermind, have a good week in school:]

  8. luvcbelle said:

    Re: Crissy is Jim Carey’s No.1 Fan (HAHAHA!)
    Hahahah, ya ya ya! Omg, i dont like her please. Urgh. And the ending they keep saying she looks like Joanne Peh… Omgosh, where got please!!! Annoying!!! Tell u all about it soon!
    Hahahah. You’ll receive a text from me real soon. Whoohoo

  9. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHAHA! Gosh, this has got to be the funniest comment over.
    Omg, miss you please. Get to see u in school on Fri! (:

  10. luvcbelle said:

    Re: Just Saying Hello
    Haha, Thanks. And Hi, you are?

  11. Anonymous said:

    Who Am I?
    Well you probably know me or maybe you don’t i won’t tell you who i am right now you will see me in church this sunday i will be “watching over” you hahahahahahaha lol anyway like i said i am one of the wardens. This sunday if you are not doing your lectures duty and you are sitting with your family all you have to do is turn around and look. You will see two wardens standing at the doors and one of them would be yours truely.OOOh ya if you know who i am this sunday after mass all you have to do is come up to me and just ask me if i am the one. Okay i know i am weird and kinda like to play hide and seek but anyways you will see me this sunday. See you on sunday and take care. P.S. when you say that you can’t seem to grow any taller i really find that you sound very cute hahahahahahaha!!!!!

  12. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA BELLE HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! ANOTHER ONE ARH! eh belle you think maybe if i say curly fries or cant grow taller on my blog, someone might like me too? HAHAHAHAHA. anyway yeah la you cute la, i also think so awwww.
    loveyou bellezzzzz.

  13. Anonymous said:

    Omg, Cristalbelle! I think I know who he is. LOL

  14. luvcbelle said:

    Re: Who Am I?
    Haha, ok.

  15. luvcbelle said:


  16. luvcbelle said:


  17. luvcbelle said:

    Nonsese… haha

  18. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Omg, planned to tell u on sunday!
    I think i know who too, hahaha.
    Luvya, xoxo back!

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