We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun

And Yay, i’m so glad + happy that i can get promoted to J2 with my whole clique. But, it would be better if the whole of T11 can get promoted tgt. I just love this class. Must have faith, must have faith!

Caught Night in Rodanthe today. Hmm… the plot’s pretty ok, but rather shocking towards the end. But if you’re the kind that (i dont know?) love action packed and fighting show, this show is not for you, confirm. hahaha.

Went to BMTC @ Tekong ystd. It was just lecture and walking, lecture and walking. hahaha. But it was very very very funny with the company of my friends. Omgosh, this joke (that Chris came up with) made me laugh so badly.

So, the officer was showing us the kind of swimming trunks that the recruits wear…
Chris: HAAHAHAHHA, i think – can’t even fit into the swimming trunks la
Me: Ya la. i think if he has to wear it, he’ll come up with lame excuses, like sick, again.
Chris: (act as -): Uh… Sir, my uh, my swimming trunks tear…
Chris: (act as the sergeant): Huh… again… This is the second time today…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! Freaking funny joke that made me laugh like shit till i had to use 2 pieces of tissue to dry my teary eyes. haha!

  1. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAH, you’ll laugh even harder if you know who – is. But i bet you should know who – is. He wasn’t even there. HAHAHAHA.

  2. Wow, how not obvious can that get. Who won’t fit into a swimming trunk, and is always ‘sick’?

  3. luvcbelle said:

    AHHAHAH, yes, you’ve got the right person! It can’t be anyone else. HAHAHAH

  4. Miss you belle belle<3 I'm gonna retain,for sure. Oh wellzz.

  5. HAHAHAHAHA JOKE LA SERIOUSLY! eh but must you laugh until liddat hahaha seriously i scared to tell you joke alr haha.

  6. Anonymous said:

    Aiya the guy who can’t fit in the swimming trunk is OBVIOUSLY BRYAN LIM. WHO DUNNO SIA.
    HAHAHAHA BELLE. I bet you’re gna delete this soon. tsk tsk. naughty sia.

  7. luvcbelle said:

    Miss you too Bestfriend! Omgosh, holidays are here! It’s ok, cheer up. take lit! Haha. ❤

  8. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH. I seriously love your jokes la chris. omgosh, miss having you in school ystd! ):

  9. luvcbelle said:

    Re: PAOLO
    HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH! Omgosh, Paolo. I’m so gna delete this comment soon. L8r he charge me in court then yknow. hahaha. Chris is gna die too.

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