you’re the heart that i call home.

K, dont blame me for those pictures. I just need to let go of myself (fully, haha) before school starts, again, tmrw. I need to relax before…

1)My intensive chinese revision starts
2)PW takes up 90% of my time
and before
3)I get back my disastrous results (which i dread)

Pardon me, please, haha. I hope i get promoted though (-fingers crossed!) Shit, lessons continue tmrw, and i can’t find my books (brilliant, brilliant). And catch Mama Mia, if you haven’t (eg, Abelle Leong, hahahaahahha!)

  1. i saw the pictures and laughed. dont know whats gotten into me :S

  2. Anonymous said:


  3. luvcbelle said:

    Hahaha, the pictures very funny meh, laughlaughlaugh. But yea, actually it’s damn funny, and silly at the same time. hahah, laugh all you want la.
    Anw, life will be so much better with laughter. Without laughter, it’s so boring. HAAHAHAHHAHA. See la, make me talk about this kinda philosophical thing, ahhaha.

  4. luvcbelle said:

    Re: christabel
    Hahahahahah, ya man, i love myself.
    Well, at least i dont print pictures of myself and make them into an album la. Not talking bout anyone in particular la, hahahaha. Kididng la.
    Tell your dad thanks for fetching me today! hahahah.

  5. Re: christabel
    hahaha yeah yeah not me! 😀 eh that few lines above is not equals to philosophical okay hahaha think so easy be confucious arh.

  6. haha belle i come here, i see you sticking out your tongue, make me feel like eating ice cream only. eh now shalini’s turn to start a blog, haha.

  7. luvcbelle said:

    Re: christabel
    Hahahaha, ya, the person not you la. Don’t know who also. (oh shit, i still got 1 pic havent print for you. Print wrongly, paiseh, hahhah)
    And ya… You don’t know Confucious was my disciple meh, tsk tsk.

  8. luvcbelle said:

    Hahaha, omgosh, icecream… Eh, lets go eat someday! I’ve not eaten icecream for damn long.
    Haha, ya, shalini should start a blog. She can use her old blog add as her new blog add. HAHAHAHAHAHAH

  9. you look super different without your bangs ! hahahhaah.

  10. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAHAHAH, ya! I think so too!

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