Anw, my family and i were at Bugis ystd and my sister and i were queuing up for some stuff, then…

Twin: What if somebody suddenly comes and cut your queue?
Me: Hmmm…
T: No, really.
M: I think i’ll just stand here and laugh, haha.
T: HAHAHHA. and if i were with you, we’ll just look at each other and give the “huh” look.
M: Ya, but if you’re talking about a loanshark, then it’s a totally different story.
T (-imitates a loanshark): Did i cut queue?
M: Uh…. No… You didnt? In fact, i am the one who cut queue…? -shivers

… No backbone.

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Just one of the many lame and random convo we have. Okay, back to my books, again.

Damn, it’s monday again tmrw…

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