T.G.I.F. Today is 11-07-08.

Happy 17th birthday Wynee! Time for some 4some gathering soon. luvluvluvyou! Friends since p3 and counting… wow!

i love fridays. Last school day of the week. It makes everything seem fast… like how the week just flew by. Got back my mid year results this week. Some were expected, others unexpected. Howell. It’s just a mid year exam (ya right). Like it’s so easy to break the news to my parents. “yea yea, i’m so smart, i got a U for math. Time to send me to Oxford”

Hmm, parents and my sister are out, leaving me and my maid at home, just the two of us… I’m dying of boredom. I should be doing on my EOM but i’m distracted. Maybe it might help a little if i keep reminiding myself that i have to hand it up by 12pm tmrw and i’m no where done, just maybe. PW is just a waste of time.

Today, i was circling the pages that i have to do as hmw for my econs tutorial, then, i wanted to write down today’s date to remind myself that the hmw is given today (i know, “what a lame thing to do” you must be thinking to yourself). And since i dont have a supersonic memory,

Me: -looks at my watch
Shalini: wah, you damn lame. Do work also must time yourself
Me: huh?

Then i realize that Shalini thought i wanted to time how long i took to do my tutorials. HAHAHAHAHAHA. What a joke right. Thank God i was able to resist myself from laughing so hard during econs lecture.

“belle, you need to hand up your EOM by 12pm tmrw and it’s alrdy 9plus and there’s ghost whisperer later on”

… Kay, it worked. i’m gg to complete my EOM now, or well, try. Good weekend y’all. Shit, need to reply a message now. Goodnight!

  1. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAHAHA, when i typed that i JUST knew you’ll comment bout John mayer. Know you too well buddy.
    and lets visit Fr Bosco some day! Miss him.

  2. YEA! we need to find him really soon!
    need to chill with him!
    ehh when we gg out man!!!!???

  3. luvcbelle said:

    when you’re free! HAHA.

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