All thanks to PE on Thurs, i woke up with my calves hurting so badly today. Let me see, 8 sets of GST, pullups and 8 rounds around the track… sweat and blood. All for PE.

CJ’s Alfresco Night ystd. It was pretty alright. There were bands playing + the screening of the Little Rascals (!!!). Omgh, love Porky! He’s wayyyy adorable. The whole digging of nose and the hand under the chin thing plus the adorable face! Hahaha.

And i swear Paolo’s super lame. After school ystd, i got a call from Wendy and…

W: Belle, later when i pass Paolo the phone, you just ask Paolo “what day is it today”
Me: Hahaha, ok
… (Paolo on the other line)
M: So ya.. What day is it today?
P: It’s… Our day

Hahaha. omgh la, how lame can Paolo get. That was so lame and random i swear. I think Wendy must have burst out laughing while reading the convo. Hahaha.

&&& It’s the weekend and school’s out on Monday. I love.

This has been a pointless post. But i’m just bored, bored from EOM (hate PW!!!) kay, maybe i should just go study or read up on my new lecture notes. I’m lagging so bad. But on the bright side, i pass my Chem Midyear! I owe my chem “tutor” one.

And i miss my cousin’s little new born baby! ahh, how adorable. Youth Rally tmrw! Nice Weekend y’all!

lets play truth or dare.
or maybe just dare because
no one tells the truth anymore.

  1. Eh WHAT LAME HUH? I make good pick-up lines to practice on random people. whahaha

  2. Anonymous said:

    you hen chio de gan jue. hahaha! miss you c.

  3. luvcbelle said:

    Hi Beatrice! hahaha. I always see you at CP! (: Hope school’s good for you!

  4. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAAHHAHAAHHA! Yaa, that day was worst. Haha. Laugh so much.
    See you in school tmrww!

  5. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHA, ya ya, make pick up lines to prey on innocent girls aye. Haha. Make somemore, then get Wendy to call me again.

  6. luvcbelle said:

    Thanks buddy(:
    I’m well alrdy. Ystd vomited 4 times… yikes. School start alrdy (!!!)

  7. luvcbelle said:

    Re: LH
    Hahaha, na li you?
    Miss you too LH. Wanted… soon! Hahahha.

  8. Hahaha yes! (:
    You look as pretty as ever!
    Nahh, school’s bad. I can’t catch up ):

  9. dont say ar… school totally sucks today! damn boring! till 5pm leh!

  10. luvcbelle said:

    HAHA, no la no la. You’re prettier. And your bangs are so asorable. Man, i miss my SJC days.
    Haha, don’t worry. I felt damn lost when i was at that stage too, damn scared cannot pass my O’s. But after doing all the TYS and the post prelim thing that the school gave, it was much easier… trust me(:

  11. luvcbelle said:

    HAHA, omgh, that really sucks. When we gna hang out uh!

  12. No no no! Not pretty and my bangs looked so retarded. Haha, bangs no more. I like your bangs, it’s like so straight!
    I’m still lost! Haha I’m not a bit prepared for prelims? And now all the block testings are killing me. Mmm, I hope it’ll be easier too (: How’s JC life?

  13. soon soon buddy! school is really blocking us out from meeting each other! sian X2 ar!

  14. luvcbelle said:

    Haha, my bangs are gone alrdy! Don’t worry bout prelims. It is there to “scare” you. You’ll do fine, really. just be consistent and do your TYS. can score one. I screwed up my prelims! Wasn’t even prepared for it. But come O’s study hard can alrdy!
    Haha, JC is… no comments. stressful. Lots of work and there’s PW too.. ohgosh. But pretty much like secondary school other than that. Miss my SJC days!

  15. Haha, yeah. I hope so! I’m finding it so hard to cope now. Bet JC’s not any better. PW is fun, but there’s so much to do. Miss the school, miss the friends, don’t miss the teachers. They’re terrible. Haha.

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