Maris, Mer and I are part of this whole new peepeegang. It all started with 3 silly girls who wanted to pee so badly after exam in the hall. “shit, i need to pee”… “ya, me too”, “ya, omg, me too”. “kay, lets go Pee after this”. “okay, you may leave the hall now” … -runs to the toliet. hahaha. Just look at the statement Maris came up with, love that girl la. (i have to say this, if not _ will come after me, right Maris?) haha.

And yes, finally done with midyears! Over, but screwed up. Life can’t get any better, “life sucks”, haha. 3 months to my bday! hinthinthint.

Anw, company for the past 2 days were just awesome. Thursday night was with twin and her sjc clique, and friday was with sy, twin and LH. So much laughter, it’s been so long. When you have great company, you’re just able to get your mind off stuff, sometimes. But nonetheless, those girls bring me so much laughter la. Saw the whole world at Fareast ystd. There was Mer, Marcus, Joanne, Val, Elissa and omgh, somemore, but can’t rmbr.

Oh, there was this funny convo that happened ystd. you see, sy and i met to pick my sister up from her chinese oral at SRJC. then, we wanted to go into the school but there were 2 guards at the gate so we just walked arnd like some suspicious ppl. Then…

Me: Nvm la, we just walk in then if they ask where are we gg, we just come up with some excuse
Sy: Ya, we just say “Oh, i thought this was Serangoon swimming complex”

HAHAHAAHAHAAHAH! Then there was this “if you need to leave your house at 8 you must start wearing it at 7 shoe” to the trying of “costumes” at TF. and so much more. oh oh, we were at this shoe shop and…

Sy: Eh, nice a not?
LH: Ya. -yawns
Sy: Must you yawn?
LH: yawn can control one meh?

HAHAHAHAHAHA. Love those girls. CH on monday! Just thinking of those convo and things that happened ystd is able to make me laugh so bad now! Wow, i typed a whole lot there. And suddenly i feel like i have so much free time. whoo, k. Have a nice saturday everyone! Hate the weather!

  1. -comes out of the changing room
    “Elissa?”.. HAHA I was surprised.

  2. HAHAHA HI BELLE THIS IS MER. omggg you made a banner for the PEEPEEGANG!!!!!!!!!!!!! BLOODY COOL. ooh you saw the whole world, and you saw me, does that mean i’m your world? 😀 😀 you’re so sweet belle.. actually can just tell me in my face, no need to hide.
    ACTUALLY, NOT. MARCUS WILL KILL ME if im your world. bwahahahahahaha. love u cutesy little belle!!!!! (btw pw die liao.)

  3. Anonymous said:

    CH on mondayyyyyy 🙂
    Love the sinners hate the sin.

  4. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHA, so i was i! Omg, it was super random, i swear.

  5. luvcbelle said:

    haha, you la, supposed to meet you on friday. Eh, heard that sjc’s 70th was damn good. Damn!

  6. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHA. oh! so this Lj account belongs to you! I was wondering who is it. Haha. Yes, we’re part of the PEEPEEGANG! cool man! haha, ya ya, you’re my whole world.. no one else is. HAAHA.
    i luv Mer! haha, yes, omgh, shitx, PW die alrdy… i can forsee Mr Kam gg “what! y’all haven’t do anything yet, haha!)

  7. luvcbelle said:

    Re: LH
    Haha, Lydiaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Yeap, before sy leaves for her KL trip (again), haha!
    Nice quote aye… hmm… HAHA.

  8. GUESS WHAT. The tickets could be bought at the door. Belle, we are so stupid!!! Sorry laaa, cos the netball thing ended late, then I thought you couldnt meet since it was like already 5/6? We’ll meet soon! I got no school next week, the whole of next week! Yay! Hahaha

  9. luvcbelle said:

    Hahah, ya, i saw Alethea’s comment for you! Haha, damn, i totally regret not gg know! wlau (!!!) you lucky girl!

  10. luvcbelle said:

    Hahah, thought you came up with so many gangs/clubs? just find anyone of them. But you SHOULD be afraid of the PeePee Gang! The name tells it all. We’ll splash _____ at you, HAHAHAHAHA!

  11. Hahahaha I know why you regret!! Not to see performance only right. Ahem -winkwink. HAHA! Cos the year2s and 3s still have exams.

  12. wakakakakakakkkzz
    B E L L E,
    U R A Q T
    Hahaha so much time to do that poster/banner ah. but it’s damn kewlllll hahah we need to print it and put it all over school! No all over SINGAPURA. Noooo the whole universe. let them all know we are the ultimate:D hahah ya our extra power can be shooting/splashing p_e at our enemies wahhahaha

  13. luvcbelle said:

    MARISsaaaaa (hahaha, how that guy called your name during chinese oral was so funny)
    Nice right the poster… i make one lor! Not bad aye aye. Abstract all right. HAHAHA. kk, i go print, then we can paste all over the world, ya, ultimate man. Haha.
    and “U R A Q T” = “you are a cutey”
    Think i don’t know. i damn good at breaking codes one ok. haha.

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