With the recent cyclone in Myanmar, the earthquake in Sichuan and all the other natural disasters, i can’t help but say that the line “It’s better to say too much, then never to say what you need to say again” from the song Say by John Mayer makes a lot of sense. (and i bet Mark must be gg like “yes, John Mayer’s the man or smth”, hahah)

And omgh, Balls of Steel is so damn funny. i just can’t stop laughing to myself in front of the computer screen, HAHAH. “you’re knocking on my door!”, HAHAHAHA! okay, random fact. But if you’re really really bored and idk, think that this world is unfair, then you should go watch.

And this morning, i was all dressed and ready to go down to my poolside to tann. Then, i thought to myself, “Oh, what a beautiful sunny day!”. Then, 5 seconds later… out came the sound of the thunder, fantastic! Thank God it wasn’t for long.

Omgh, my twin and i have some form of telepathy between us know, it’s seriously damn freaky. The other day,

Me (over the Phone): Where are you
Twin: On the way back already. On the MRT.
Me: What station? Boon Keng ah
(i said Boon Keng at random, it just suddenly came to my mind)
Twin: OMGH!!! yes, how yknow. I’m really at Book Keng.

Hahahah, talk about telepathy! Just came back from CJ’s ICS night, their dance was damn good(: Shalini did T11 proud. Me, Sherrie, Chris, Steph, Maris, Cutter, YS and Solomon went to support her(:

Yay, there’s the forensic show on TV now, so interesting! Okay, need to wake up for lit lecture tmrw (damn, 2nd day of the holidays know!), hahaha. Goodnight!

Ps, i know this is late, but, have a safe trip to BKK, Bestfriend!

  1. Haha omg I watch it every morning at like 6.30am before gg to sch also!!

  2. gosh, i was passing by your blog and i see john mayer’s name there! HE IS DA MAN!!!

  3. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHA, ya ya, the one on channel 55 that one. It’s super interesting la. And do yknow they have the part II alrdy! Haha. oh btw, ystd last episode alrdy ):

  4. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAHHA. I just knew you would say smth bout John Mayer. HAHA.
    Hi Buddy(:

  5. Anonymous said:

    christabel saysss
    hello belle!(:

  6. luvcbelle said:

    Re: christabel saysss
    CHRIS! hahaha. the Shalini Shoo thing damn funny right. Even when i read it now, i still burst out laughing all the same. Haha. And 2am still online… wow.

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