Happy Birthday Uncle(:

Although tmrw’s a public holiday, i’m gna spend the day studying. This is what happens when you have your H1 papers nxt week (and chem is no easy subject… to me). And yet again, it’s goodbye to another week. Last week of school, hang in there. I can’t wait for the June holidays, Bintan Trip and most of all, for my H1 MYE to end.

Have a nice week all(:

  1. Anonymous said:

    you have twin brothers also?

  2. luvcbelle said:

    Haha, nope, i don’t. In fact, i don’t have any brother, i only have a twin sister.

  3. Aww I miss you too. HAHA. Act as if it concerns me šŸ˜€ But i betcha miss me toooooooooo. Cos i dooooooo. Seeyou soon!

  4. luvcbelle said:

    Hahaha, maybe it concerns you? Why no confidence, haha. yes, IMYT. Meet up soon ok, bestfriend? See you soon!
    And hope school’s doing fine for you, nvr update your blog alrdy! And random calls by you are just so damn funny, HAHA.

  5. Hahahah nothing interesting going on in my life so far. Have la, but no need to tell the whole world right? -winkwink šŸ™‚
    Aiya no one can beat me at being random la. Hehe even yknow-who pls. We were like have the ‘who can be the most random’ competition. And obviously I win HANDS DOWN šŸ˜€ Hahahahahahha random calls are cute šŸ™‚

  6. luvcbelle said:

    Hahahaha, sure HAVE interesting stuff gg on in your life one la. Hahahha, who’s the yknow-who? IDK leh. Haha

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