Oh shitx, my form tutor msged me last night reminding me that i have to hand up my GPP on monday, which is tmrw. Shitx, die, how? (mer, YS and Samuel, how how how?)

Spent my whole weekend studying chem (until my contact lenses got damn dry) I tell you, i had better pass that chem paper tmrw if not… it just proves that
1) chem is just not my thing or
2) it has to be number one.

So my H1 paper’s in 2 weeks time(!!!) I’m praying i’ll do well. Have been failing most of my class test (omgh, what’s this belle!)

it’s past midnight, it’s Monday alrdy… Shitx, GPP due now. HAHAHA, what a hectic life i have. Oh oh, i saw so many cute babies today (including MFP)!

There were so many babies in church today, all very cute (except this irrtating girl -.-) there was this toddler who was saying bye to every random person leaving church after mass today… so cuteeeeee! Okok, gtg alrdy. random la my post. Goodnight all! Have a great week(:

  1. Anonymous said:

    I hate mye.
    It’s way to fast that i don’t even have ample time to prepare.

  2. luvcbelle said:

    Hi Lydia(: Hahah, why did that Annabelle commented the same thing as you -.-
    So when are we gna go This Fashion to look for fashionable clothes again? HAHAHAHAH!

  3. luvcbelle said:

    Yes omgh Sally! I dont have time to prepare, and i’ve been failing most of my test, so not prepared. Oh gosh, help! IG outing soon soon soon. IMY<3

  4. luvcbelle said:

    Hahhaah, why comment same as Lydia?
    Anw, Hi Abelle, 🙂
    Didn’t know you still use your LJ. HAHAHAHAHAHAH! Luvyou.

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