The previous week was pretty eventful. With Shakespeare on Love with T11 (which was pretty good, esp the last part of the play, haha), Labour day and Mum’s birthday celebration.

Today marks a brand new week. Wonderful. Woke up with the monday blues kicking in (imagine this, waking up at 6, having to endure hours of tedious tutorials + lectures = killer). But but but! I managed to survive the day with my wonderful classmates (: And to add on to that, the 2 make up lessons which i was suppose to have today were cancelled… yay to that!

Island Creamery with some of the T11 after school today. It was awesome just sitting around, chitchatting and having teh tarik ice cream in this hot weather (which has been getting on my nerves these few days -.-)

Anw, when i was on the way home today, i walked pass some old uncle who was happily smoking and guess what! i accidentally inhaled his smoke, so… yes, i became a passive smoker. Omgh! Wthellandearth! I almost fainted and died, okay… not literally, but… oh my! Yknow how much i hate it! Urgh, annoying annoying annoying!

Had chinese oral today! Omgh, it was… scary. I know i screwed it up, for sure. The question was so difficult. Shitz, stomach pain now.

And wlau, my printer’s not responding now and i have to print my lit stuff. ohmannn! and my sis doesnt want to help me… evil. omgh, Die!

Okay, have to continue on lit and GPP now. Tata!

HAHAHAHAHAH! Just look at Cutter’s bangs, HAHAHA

  1. You’re having school while i am at home having a time of my life (yeah right) hahaha

  2. luvcbelle said:

    So unfair! You busy acting sick only, headache ah some people, headache. HAHAHA. Oh well, but God is always fair. Lets see, my school only starts at 11 and ends at 1 tmrw. As for you, hmm… HAHAHAHAHA. (rubbing it in somemore).

  3. Anonymous said:

    lj skin
    hey, just wanna ask.
    where do u get all ur lj skins? (:

  4. luvcbelle said:

    RYL (!!!) Omgh, how have you been! IMYT! Rmbr we used to have the clap thing. HAHAHAHA! Man, i miss secondary school!
    LYLT TOO! (shitx, what’s with me and acronyms man, ahaha)

  5. hahahhahah! OMG YES CLAP CLAP CLAP (: teeheeeeee! yeh I miss secondary school too. poly’s just hectic, and I’m taking two ccas. It’s mademy! ahahah. oh man, meet up soon okay! like must have 3/4G gathering (: teehee. yes acronyms rock luh heh!

  6. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAHA! 2 CCA’s omgh… isn’t it difficult to juggle. Yes yes, we should have a 3/4 grace gathering soon! (:

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