Heart a lot(:

Okay, so it’s past midnight alrdy. Damn, there goes my one week break. And what have i achieved? Nothing… Other than meeting mfp, gg back for bridging lessons and changing my LJskin (omg la, hahaha), academic wise, i’ve achieved nth. Wow. And what’s more, i still have lots of undone hmw (actually half of which i have no idea what the question’s asking of me, awesome!)

Sherrie, Christabel and Shalini came over to do our econs project today. It was (uh) quite productive, considering we had 1.5hr of break (AHAHA) and 2 over hr was wasted on friendster (not gna tell you what we were doing, haha). Anw, today…

Sherrie: I bought my chem hmw today so we can do tgt later
Me: Haha, i don’t even know how to do most of them.
Sherrie: Ya! Anw have yall done econs hmw?
Me + Shalini (at the same time): You mean there’s econs hmw? (!!!)
Sherrie: Ya, the whole tutorial at the back
Me + Shalini: shitz…

Best la me, No one can beat me ok. And what’s better? I actually did write it down on my diary… Thankfully Sherrie reminded us, omg. And knowing that there’s only the weekend left to complete all my hmw isn’t making it better.

Anw, my church had our passion play today. It was quite good, i felt. After the play, went to Bliss to chill out with jel, wynee and twin. Damn, i miss those girls so much! It’s been a long while since we’ve had such a gathering, whereby there’s only the 4 of us. And we’re planning to have such a thing each mth, how cool!

And during school that day, Sherrie was teaching us to play Bloody Knuckles and apparently the loser of the game has to use the whole deck of cards to hit on the loser’s knuckles. And then…

A: Imagine if ___’s the loser
B: Hahahah! ___ wouldn’t even feel the pain la since he has so much fats.
Jackson: No, the card would eventually bounce of his knuckles.

HAHAAHAHAHAHHA! omg, that got me laughing for quite a while. HAHA! And shitz, i’m coughing non stop now… oh no. And i’m having chinese tuition tmrw, damn excited, hyperventilating alrdy. hahahah. Alright, should be asleep now. Goodnight!

  1. Is it still that da bao xiao bao chinese tuition teacher? HAHAHA

  2. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAAHAH! yes, we got him back to teach us chinese again. He asked bout you and sy, HAHAH!

  3. Hahhahaha omg. That BJ guy. Still wearing the same shirt? He’s so funny….

  4. Anonymous said:

    We’re the same.
    I always forgot to do tutorials.I only get to know the next morning i go to school.Haha

  5. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA! Ya, he’s damn x100 funny, super in fact! Hahahha. And i think he bought new shirts alrdy. Haven’t seen him wearing that BJ shirt yet, Ha!

  6. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAHAHAHAH! ya, we’re so alike know Sally ❤
    See you arnd school girl (:

  7. Anonymous said:

    hmm.can i ask.
    your working place do you have cow??

  8. luvcbelle said:

    Re: HELLO!
    Oh, you mean Build-A-Bear-Workshop? Yeap, there are cows too.

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