So yes, i know this is damn slow, but yes, O level results will be out This Thursday. (Damn, that’s like 2 days away!) And if you just realize that you’re receiving your O level results this thurs, i really wonder what were you doing the whole of ystd when the rest were either hyperventilating, screaming, cursing or shouting.

Gosh, i should just drop the subject. I’m alrdy having trouble typing at the very thought of my O level results slip. I’m just leaving everything to the almighty, there’s really nth i can do (except to hyperventilate and panic at the damn thought of receiving my O level results slip). I think i did well, I THINK.

Anw, work was tiring ystd. worked from 2 to 10. Corina left early cuz she was sick. Anw, Hi Corina (the banana), if you’re reading this, Get well soon ok. After work, went down to Club Marc to get free helium ballons (again). This time, the lady gave me two. Headed to the open air area to release the balloons after making my wishes (: All 4 times i released the balloons, i made the same wish. And everytime, i made a wish, i made it with different people. First it was twin, then it was David, then it was Corina and ystd it was me, alone. It feels damn good to see the balloon flying up to the sky far far away. I think when i’m unhappy nxt time, i’m gg to buy a normal helium balloon and release it.

But work was rather interesting ystd. There was this guy who was making a bear to propose to his GF, he was damn sweet la (AWW). And there was this couple who came back to get clothes for their dog. And the nicest thing was that i was the one who helped them stuff their dog (: It feels really good to be able to see so many sweet couples. And the other time, there was this guy who brought his GF to build her own bear, but what she didnt know was that he got her one alrdy and he had like messages on the bear for his GF, so when he was at the cashier, he made Bella change the box as a surprise for his GF! Gosh, so many sweet people on earth.

Hahahahahha. so awwwwww right. The very thought of it can make my heart melt know (ya ya, like i’m their GFs like that, hahaah). Okay, Gna practice my piano for lesson later. Have a nice day. Gosh 2 more days! (shitz, i need to just shutup). And my sister’s damn discouraging know. 2 days ago…

Me: Eh, yknow what, i had a dream last night that we were in CJC and the principal was giving out the O level results slip and Mrs Tan was smiling at me. Omgosh, this is like a good sign right?
Twin: Well, dreams are the opposite of reality.
Me: AHHHHHHHH (-starts to panic)

So bad right my sister! Hahahha.

  1. Orh hor,it’s illegal to anyhow release the balloons! Im serious hahaha. Bcos later if have an aeroplane in the sky then the balloon string/balloon gets stuck into the aeroplane the wing the machine that one then die.. hahahaha im serious ah not joking hahaha.

  2. luvcbelle said:

    Hahaha, it’s not illegal la. This only apply to some states in America, i think. And it’s only for mass release of balloons not one balloon la. Haha. (i did my hmw right!). And damn, results out on thurs -starts to panic. Haha.

  3. No! it’s really illegal in singapore la,you must apply for permit can haha. bcos last time st nicks have some celebration then they have to apply for permit with the government to ask for permission and inform them hahaha.

  4. luvcbelle said:

    Hahahah, Mass balloons la. Omg, thurs! Shitz, i seriously need to shut up. hahah.

    Your LJ layout is also nice okay!
    1 more day…
    Good luck to you and your twin.

  6. luvcbelle said:

    Hahha, yes yes, Omg, exactly one more day! and you can submit your thing alrdy. Thanks (: Haha.

    I can submit my THING hahahaha

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