Ok, i’ve lost touch with the cyber world, actually not only with the cyber world, but with almost everything. My friends, the TV and yes, almost everything. All i know is that Christmas day was 2 days ago. And the only part during midnight mass which made my heart skip a beat and feel like it’s christmas is when the church bell rang.

Work was kinda boring ystd. Let me see if there were any interesting customer ystd. Hmmm… Kay, none. Probably the only interesting thing is that someone came to pick me up from work (:

Oh oh, anw, we went Boat Quay for lunch today. And yknow how Boat Quay is built for people to chill out and all. So i was just thinking how nice it would be to spend New Years eve there with all the countdown and fireworks, It would probably like the best meal ever. And then as i walk further down, i saw this old couple (around their 60s) sharing a packet of food by the river (wait do you call it a river, oh yes) and boy, they seriously look like they were having the B.E.S.T meal ever. Awwwww. So, i’m not gg to bother where i’m gg to spend my New Years Eve.

Okay, there’s Love Actually later (!!!) Goodnight!

Look between the lines
Read between the words
Because the most important things
Are left unsaid & unheard.

  1. hi
    you know i think i saw you at the coffee shop next to nativity this afternoon. haaahaha.

  2. luvcbelle said:

    Re: hi
    Hi Hi! Hahah, omg, really! I think it was me you saw, i was having my lunch there after mass, haha (:

  3. Re: hi
    kooool! okay so that was really you and i think i saw kevin….? is that his name? hahaha. aye should’ve went up to you and said hi. haaaah

  4. luvcbelle said:

    Re: hi
    Haha, you know Kevin also! Yea, he was there, but we weren’t sitting at the same table. haha. Yea, i haven’t seen you in such a long time!

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