I’m finally back from Malaysia (truly Asia). Damn, it definitely feels Good to be back home. I miss my bed, i miss my pillow, i miss my house, i miss my toilet and i definitely miss some people. Malaysia was awesome. Lots of shopping. Caught up with my lovable cousins. Cameron Highland was cold. Let me see, i was freezing even though i was wearing 3 layers of clothing, crazy.

And i finally had my FIRST piano lesson today. So many things to memorize, but i still love to play the piano. It’s called passion (: I played a song, on my own. Okay, who am i to kid, the song only had 3 lines. But it’s still quite an achievement that i didn’t have to write 1,2,3,4…

Anw, i was at Vivo today and i realize how someones attitude can totally make you change your perspective/opinion of them. Okay, so, i saw this girl and thought to myself ‘eh, she’s quite pretty’, so i just look at her. And that girl actually stared at me, rolled her eyes and looked away! Instantly, she was no longer pretty (to me). And she has a bad attitude, like really. Her mum got her to try this waffle, she took a bite, rolled her eyes at her mum and even worst, she folded her arms. Omgosh, totally not pretty! (Don’t like the waffle also don’t need to roll your eyes right. At most do it when no one’s looking la, Haha)And she’s like a teenager, not some young child or whatsoever. Oh well, i just hope that her eyeballs will never get stuck up there, really. And i think her hobbie’s like rolling her eyes or smth, or so it seems.

Okay, i can’t wait to start work on Friday! Do come down! Not planning to buy a bear also act like you’re buying. it’s free to just walk arnd the shop! Okay. Goodnight!

Me: Eh pa, who’s that woman?
Dad: Uh… The one we always see with her husband that one

Hahahaha, okay… I so know who is she, or even better, i so know who her husband is. -laughs big time. Loves my dad.

  1. rahcket said:

    You were only gone for 4days yet you came back, missing your pillow, missing your toilet as if you were gone for 4 years like that. hahaha

  2. luvcbelle said:

    Haha, shut up la. At least i’ve got feelings for my things right, not like some people who don’t have feelings at all (cold blooded). Hahahah! Oh, unless your bed is just a sleeping bag and your toilet is the public toilet then obviously it’s a totally differnt story, right. Don’t worry, i feel your pain. Hahah!

  3. Anonymous said:

    you’re working in a teddy bear shop?;D where is it ? (;

  4. luvcbelle said:

    Re: ^o^
    Yea, it’s actually called Build A Bear Workshop. It’s at Vivo City.

  5. Build A Bear Workshop
    hey, how much is buildabearworkshop offering you for their pay?

  6. Haha I’ve had 3 chalets already so far in the holidays and OMG I really miss my pillow I’m willing to stay home the whole week. Nah, just kidding ! Anyway, I’ll be visiting you soon (:

  7. luvcbelle said:

    Re: Build A Bear Workshop
    Oh, the pay’s $6 per hour (:

  8. luvcbelle said:

    Hahahah, ya, i really really miss my pillow when i travelled know. Ha! Yea, okay, great! (: Haha.

  9. Maybe you should update more frequently? Hahaha I kinda miss seeing photos of yourself all over your page 🙂 Hang out soon!

  10. luvcbelle said:

    Hahah, yea, it’s good. I kinda love it how you can surf the net anytime you want as long as there is a wireless connection. You’re planning to get one also is it?

  11. luvcbelle said:

    Hahah, yea. I haven’t been blogging cuz of my job. it’s like coming home everyday and falling asleep. Damn tiring. Heard you’ve got a good paying job aye. Haha. Maybe i should take more photos then, HAHAHA! Yea, yea, hang out soon! (:

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