There is smth really wrong with me. Ever since the end of O’s, i seem to have lost touch with what day/date is it. I wake up daily asking myself what day is it. It feels really weird and a little surreal. Maybe i should just wear my old watch instead of my Flikflak watch (which is so adorable).

Okay, and to prove my point, i just logged in to friendster and i typed my email as Fyi, that email doesn’t exist, okay, maybe it does, but it isn’t mine. Hahahah! Silly billy.

And my plan to get tanned today, failed. The sun is reluctant to cooperate with me. And i think Disney songs are damn good. I love fairytales, cuz in the end, everything will put back into place, perfectly.

Okay, shit, i’m damn bored. I have to find smth to do, like washing the toilet or watch water evaporate. Just something.

β€œI’m not even going to get mad anymore.
I’ve just got to learn to expect the lowest
from the people I thought the highest of.”

  1. enjoy the break while you can ! πŸ˜€ where you heading to ? come to sajc open house this sat ! (: haha if u rly do, go to the girls soccer booth okay !

  2. 100 calories chocolate bars up for grab now, be fast! πŸ™‚

  3. luvcbelle said:

    Hahha, if i can make it, i’ll go SA. i really love your school’s uniform. yea yea, SA’s open house is this sat right, maybe i’ll go and i’ll find you at the girls soccer booth, OMGee, i didn’t know you were in the girls soccer team, Haha (:

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