Oh gosh, i’m seriously in need of a earplug! Urgh. My neighbour, he/she, has decided to renovate his/her house for some reason, and here i am stuck with irrtating “music”, like the drilling of holes and the hammering of iron pieces. Thankyouverymuch

Urgh! I’m so gona blast rock music in the middle of the night as a way of saying Thank you. No no wait, that wouldn’t be gracious. Ah, irregardless, the noise is seriously distracting me from my studies.

I was freezing during chinese today, and it was actually making me sleep. This was what happened, my left hand supporting my chin, my right hand writing and my eyes trying very hard to stay open. Oh no.

BFF came to my house earlier and we watched HSM. Omgggggosssh. Zac Efron is such an eye candy. Hahah.

Okay. 4 papers left. Wish me luck ppl! Kay, i’m gg to continue on my lit quotes and yes, the “music” is still playing. -roll eyes big time.

“Sometimes I guess you have to take a step
back and realize what’s important in your
life, what you can live with, but most
importantly what you can’t live without.”

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