It kinda hit me really hard ystd that it is alrdy the end of my secondary school life. I know i’m gg to miss my friends and SJC very badly. The worst thing is that you know you’ll never be able to have lessons with the same bunch of friends again. And when school starts next year, you’ll be in a whole new environment making new friends. I can be sure that i’ll be leaving Sjc with good memories. Well, it’s after all these good memories that makes me sad to leave Sjc.

Well, there are some things in life you will never get no matter how hard you try. I know i’ll never be able to experience secondary life with the same bunch of friends again. All that’s left are memories and friendship. Like a verse from a song in HSM, i say this is “once in a lifetime means there’s no second chance” But no more having lessons as a class in SJC. No more Homeroom system. No more blue and white uniform. No more gg to school in the morning and having this feeling that you’re gg to have a good day cuz you’re gg to see the people you love. And there are more “No-mores”, but if i go on, i’ll take forever.

Thank you to all the people who’ve made my life in Sjc a blast. No words can express how much i love all of you (:

I can’t wait for the first paper, cuz i miss my friends and the only time i can see them now is on days that we have paper! And i also can’t wait for 6th October and i also can’t wait for prom night.

Haha, and ystd afternoon/evening was damn fun. Chinese tuition was hell hilarious. Hahahahah. Had salmon for lunch and we had a game of wild cats vs wild dogs after that. Damn funny.

Anw, during Thanksgiving mass ystd, smth really really funny happened during the homily part,

Father Tay :”… and so, Jesus said
-somebodys hp suddenly rings and the ringtone was
“JR, sean kingston, you’re way…”

…May God Bless the person who’s hp rang.

  1. aye, niece. miss you luh. when can we have our english lesson tribute mannn. since like friday’s is cancelled! hurr. imy. ):

  2. luvcbelle said:

    Hahha, nice right nice right!

  3. luvcbelle said:

    Haha. Team Wild Dogs! (:

  4. luvcbelle said:

    IMYT. like a lot a lot. Nvm, i’ll get to see you on thurs and we can have our BFF lunch. loveyoualot!

  5. luvcbelle said:

    Hahahaha, the english tribute thing is damn funny can. Only you ppl can come up with such a crazy idea. Hahah. IMYT! Nvm, lets have another english session tribute then (:

  6. Anonymous said:

    miss me okay! I LOVE YOU BELLE!:D

  7. luvcbelle said:

    Re: liz
    Yes, i will. And you better miss me too hor. I’ll miss pao too. Hahaha! ❤

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