my one and only happy pill that never fails to make me smile ❤

Hi hi, i haven’t been here for quite some time. Anw, school was pretty much school today. Practically slept through all my lessons. I’m not in the mood for anything. Hahah.

Anw, we had a surprise bday celebration for Rah last night. It was at the void deck of some HDB flat. It was omg dirty, i swear. Imagine having chased by a grp of ppl then you have someone grabbing you and next, 3 ppl just continuously smash cake on you… yes, very very dirty. And in the end, minpei and i had hair that looked like they’ve just been dipped in a never ending well of gel. omgosh. Hahahah. But it was pretty fun though. I’ll upload the pictures of us being dirty after i get it from fel. It’s superrrr hilarious, like superman. HAHAHAHAH.

Damn, O’s in uh 18 days and O’s will end in 1 mth 2 days. It’s just 1 mth 2 days of hell and then i’ll meet paradise (: I seriously can’t wait for the moment when i’ll finish my lit paper, put down my pen and think to myself, finally it’s over. Haha.

Okay, i got to go do some studying now, tuition for me tonight. Bye.

Anw, i was so so so tired that…

Me: I’m so tired that i don’t even feel like talking
Twin: -roll eyes

There’s a rain that’ll never stop falling.
There’s a wall that I’ve tried to take down.
What I should’ve said just wouldn’t pass my lips,
So I held back and now we’ve come to this.

And okay, photos from my sweet sixteen as promised (:

  1. Love you BFF ❤
    Awww. I love the last picture 🙂 It’s th nicest! No wonder you saved the best for the lastttt. Heh.

  2. i’m gonna have a huge party for everyone when i go back
    and you’re invited!

  3. luvcbelle said:

    Re: Love you BFF ❤
    Hahhahaha, i know, the picture’s nice right. hahahahahha. love.

  4. luvcbelle said:

    haha, yay, that would be really really cool. Esp by then, my O’s would have ended. Btw, when are you coming back huh? (:

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