Two weeks of my school holidays gone just like this. 32 days to O’s. School officially reopens for me tmrw. It’s gna be a routine again. Wake up at 6, school till 2.10, home to study and sleep at 10.30 (okay, and it’s 10.40 now). I’m like some kind of robot or smth. Haha.

I have lots to update but it’s pass 10.30, so i think i’ll just make do with the photos. I think i had better get to sleep now, or at least try to sleep, or i’m gna have difficulty waking up again tmrw. Goodnight!

  1. if you’re a robot how come you don’t type the same entries in every day?
    anyway don’t think too much, you’ll be fine
    exams are just pieces of paper
    they can’t hurt you

  2. luvcbelle said:

    Hahahahhah, it’s a joke la. Yes, i can do it! Less than 10 pts. Possible! (:

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