Twin: After the O’s, i’m gg to borrow all the series of Greys and i’m gg to watch them.
Me: Ya ya, we can borrow incredible tales too.
Twin: -roll eyes. Does your life just revolve arnd Incredible Tales?
Me: Yes. Don’t you realize how i always get excited on Thurs.


I proudly present my new found study area, tables by the pool. Studying at this area is highly productive. Maybe it’s because the area is 99% distraction free (other than the swimming pool). No desktop, no laptop, no TV, no nothing. Just books!

And i’ve got a secret to share, my study survivor kit. Its concentration, ipod and prayer. (omgosh, so cool, CIP, HAHA!). This is how i survived my 8 hrs of studying today. And i’m gg to depend on it for my future study sessions by the poolside.

O’s in 40days. Look at how fast it is. But on the bright side, O’s will end in 54 days. Just another 54 days of torture and it’ll be freedom. Haha.

Anw, i think i’m quite into studying now. Studying is my BBFN (BestFriend For Now)!

Oh, My Sweet SIXTEEN’s in 16 days! How cool. I’m gna have a Sweet sixteen party. It’s a good time to relax after all the hardcore studying. And after my Birthday, it’s gna be study study study for the last lap! I like how all the events flow.

Okay, another long day awaits me tmrw. Another 8 hrs of revision. And i’ve got to go charge my ipod, the batt’s dead. Gd night!

“We’re talking about our lives,
like we’ve known each other forever.
the time flies by,
with the sound of your voice.
its close to paradise,
with the end surely near”

  1. how do you take pictures of yourself studying if you’re alone?
    anyway here’s a study tip i learnt the hard way
    don’t listen to music while you study
    cos your brain will be dependant on music when you try to recall
    but if it works for you so be it
    i know it doesn’t work for me
    i wish i could be around for your birthday
    but these kind of things can’t be helped

  2. luvcbelle said:

    Haha, it’s self timer. Well, music does help me when i’m doing my emath and amath, but when it comes to those memorizing subjects, music helps a little bit only. Haha. It’s alright, you can always send a bday present by air yknow! HAHAAHAHAHA!

  3. Anonymous said:

    cbelle i miss you! whats with incredible tales hur? Maybe i will watch it tonight. HAHA! ❤ birthday-girl-soon-to-be

  4. wow! you can last for 8hours?
    when i study, i only lasted for like 2hours and i will be dead by then. 15 more days! Not Legally Blonde, BUT Legally M-18! woo!

  5. Hahaha omg you look pretty even when you’re studying!

  6. RE: LH
    No flirting here pls. you want I give her number.

  7. Re: LH
    Hahaha I’m not ok. Just complimenting 😀

  8. luvcbelle said:

    Hahah, ignore Abelle, she’s just jealous. HAHAHAHAH! kidding like abelle. “study study study” (:

  9. luvcbelle said:

    Hahahah, Buddy, you can do it. pray! It helps know. HAHAHAHAHAH! omgosh Mark, you’re so lame. (what’s new anw).
    Ps, 39 days to O’s. Start studying Mark!

  10. luvcbelle said:

    Re: S.WING
    I missssss you a lot know! Hahah. I like the thrill. Ghostly, hahaha. Oh, no more alrdy i think. Now it’s Tab TV. It’s quite interesting too.

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