Your Love is Based on Friendship

For you, chemistry doesn’t really happen without compatibility.
Companionship and openness are the most important parts of your relationships.
Whoever you love should be your best friend.
And falling in love with a good friend is never out of the question.

Why your love can last: You only fall for people who you truly understand… and who truly understand you

HAHAHA, okay, see how bored i was. Boy, i can’t believe i just did smth which will not at all affect my life, or even better, will not help me in my O’s. Haha (:

oh oh, there’s Beautiful Connection tonight. yay!

  1. k, tossssinggg a coin Belle 😀
    (I think maybe I miss y lah, k bye!)

  2. rahcket said:

    I tossed a coin! yay! (runs around the room and knocks into a wall)

  3. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAH, i miss you too sheryl. And and and, i saw you with someone on saturday night. I was on the road and i saw you walking with someone aye. Hahah. (:

  4. luvcbelle said:

    HAHAHAHA, omgosh, initially i didn’t know what sheryl and you were talking about, what toss what coin. I thought it had smth to do with my post. I even read it three times. Then my sis was like your comment thing. HAHAHAHAH, omgosh. Wtheck. And rah, you’re so lame! Hahah (:
    “runs around the room and knocks into a wall” HAHAHHAAH! That got me laughing la.

  5. i don’t understand anybody at all
    am i in trouble?

  6. luvcbelle said:

    Hhaha, well, it’s not trouble. It’s just that everyone’s thinking in different wavelengths. Haha, what’s wrong anw?

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