omgosh omgosh omgosh! Clique is back from Australia. He’s gg to stay in s’pore for a week before returning back to Aussie again. He gave us a shock! He didn’t even give us any notice, and POOF, he’s back. Hahha

Clique gave us a ride back from church in his volkswagen just now. Its been SIX months since i last sat in his car. And oh! 13 gg on 30 is showing on TV now. And i think its gg to be the part where the Jennifer Garner’s gg to dance the Thriller dance. okay, shit, its now. Be back in 5 minutes…

back. Haha, gosh the thriller dance was so cool. I can’t imagine 4G did the thriller dance for teachers’ day ystd (: love it.

And i’m still disturbed by the person talking behind my back thing. Oh well. I’m talking to Love Affair now, she thinks that person is mean too. I mean it is a fact. Haha

Alright, uh, Church Feast Day tmrw. There goes my whole morning. Bye lovelies! 

  1. rahcket said:

    Its time to get over it la belle.

  2. luvcbelle said:

    Hahah, not so soon, not so soon (: Its disappointing la.

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