“We always get angry with the people we love because we know that no matter what, they will still love us.”

I really love this quote from the Sisterhood of the travelling pants (: Anw, i’m tagged by Jy to do the 10 random facts about me and so i’m doing it now.

1) I start a magazine from the last page
2) I can’t tell the difference between onion and garlic
3) I used to think McDonalds is spelt with an “A” between the M and C
4) I smile at my reflection every morning
5) I laugh at almost everything
6) I can’t seem to grow any taller
7) My Confirmation name is Therese
8) I am very indecisive
9) I love helium ballons (dont ask me why!) esp those mylar ones.
10) I don’t fancy action pack movies!

I’m tagging all my friends on LJ to do this. And this includes

Okay, so weekend has been pretty alright. Anw, prelim results out. Gosh, nightmare. I’m so gona study hard from tmrw onwards. Hahah.

Okay, shit, i’ve got nth to update. My mind’s blank. Haha. And tmrw’s 20.08.07 (: Haha. There’s nth wrong with the date la. Bye, nights!

  1. HEY YOU! hows everything? i finally updated my blog in a long long time!

  2. catchphrase
    i was trying to be funny again and find something contradicting about your catchphrase but you’re absolutely right
    we all hope love lasts forever though
    and where are my roses?

  3. luvcbelle said:

    BUDDY! I haven’t spoken to you for ages. Esp now that your prelim’s gg to start. Haha. Obviously la, you forgot your LJ password for so long. Hhaha. See you soon!

  4. luvcbelle said:

    Re: catchphrase
    Hahahhha, yes, we all hope (L) lasts forever. Oh yes, your rose. I’ll get it for you ASAP. (:

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