Jesus loves you (:

Okay, so i had my science practical today. Yes, i’m gg to fail it and, No, i didn’t blow up the entire science lab. Physics was good but chem was omgosh i-have-a-100%-chance-of-failing-kind-of-paper. The funny thing was that i didn’t use a lighted splint at all but i still wrote that the lighted splint extinguished with a ‘pop’ sound.

Okay, so like who the heck in the entire world would write down an observation out of no where and wasn’t made, other than me? I mean, i didn’t even touch the splint at all. So if the answer key doesn’t have any sign of uh hydrogen, i guess… the marker would be laughing at my answer.

Right, so much for writting down an observation i didnt made. Seriously, i’m still curious what made me write that down. Hahah. Went Cp after that with BFF. then met twin, aloy, zac and mark later on. Laugh-a-lot-session again. They never fail to entertain me. Haha.

And i suddenly feel like drinking. Haha, yes, i know so out of the blue! Maybe i might tmrw. Retarded much

I miss.

    Laughs, you’re better off than me.
    I have no confidence in ALL the prelims papers I’ve done… So screwed. Would they ask me to drop out of school and work in 7-Eleven if I flunk all the exams? *ponders*
    Anyway, you know you’re loved, and stop laughing at every joke before the main point gets across. Laughs!

  2. you feel like drinking?
    if you feel like drinking i don’t know what i must be feeling
    maybe its drowning
    but the moral of the story is that everyone feels like drinking, then regrets it once they get hung over, then feel like drinking again once they have recovered. its a vicious cycle and you have made one step in the right direction

  3. luvcbelle said:

    Hahha, Bestfriend 7, i decided to reply here, cuz i can’t find your blog. Haha, dont worry, i can join your club for prelims results. Mine will be b.a.d Hahah. I mean i’ve alrdy failed physics. Hahahha.
    Yea, i practically laugh at everything. And i think your fishball joke damn funny. Hahahhaahah.
    Love you Bestfriend #7!

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