Its nice to know that on a normal Monday morning when everyone’s dragging their feet to school, you’re sleeping really really soundly, haha. Thanks to the fact that i’ve got no papers today, i do not have to attend school (:

Anw, weekend was awesome for me. Had youth mass on Saturday, a reallll break after the prelims. Attended mass with BFF. Company was awesome with Aloy, Mark and Abriel. Hahha, gosh, lamest ppl on earth.

Sunday was well spent. Company during lunch and dinner was great. Dinner with cousin’s family. Been a long time since i’ve seen them. And sean has become a no-teeth-boy. Haha, he lost 2 of his baby teeth and they are side by side. Adorable much.

Tmrw officially marks the end of my prelims. Science practical, i have a feeling i’ll screw it up. Alright, off to change now. Gg to meet Zac for lunch.

Good day people! School’s gna fly pass this week. (:

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