“if people want to hate you for no good reason let them, because obviously they’re either insecure, jealous, or simply a bitch.. and there’s nothing you can do but continue to be yourself & have fun”

I’m seriously damn sad right now, all thanks to chinese listening compreh. HEH. Goodbye.

Might be on hiatus till prelims are over.

    prelims will be over soon and so does O level for you.
    and soon there will be months of fun:)
    if you are sad/anger or whatever,think of bulldog.
    she clubs @ zouk!HAHAHA!!!
    take care

  2. yeah she’s right
    cecelia is right
    just tahan until finish
    and its not the end of the world
    after your exams you’ll be so free you dont’ know what to do
    don’t bother too much about people’s personal opinions
    they really don’t mean anything
    the world has enough hate and anger as it is

  3. luvcbelle said:

    Hahah, Thanks (: and yes, the ZOUK thing, omgosh la. Thats a joke man. Haha, see you arnd! ❤

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