Cousin Michelle had her wedding ystd. she looked oh-my-gorgeous! Its no wonder they say a girl looks her best on her wedding day. She got her own designed wedding gown, and her bridal car plate’s 7777. (ystd was 070707 fyi, its better to tell you. if not you’ll be wondering why i’m amazed with a carplate numbered 7777) How cool is that, lucky girl (: Drank a little last night, and luckily i didnt suffer from any hangover or whatsoever today. Haha.

Went for mass this morning, was feeling superrr tired. Then headed for hg mall’s cartel for lunch with ZacC. and ZOMG, Cartel said that they updated their Menu, but apparently they haven’t. Cuz like this dish that i ate uh 5 mnths ago (?) STILL has the “NEW” icon there, right, how NEW. I think the nxt time that i dine at cartel, there’ll still be the “NEW” logo. If it still does happen, i give up. Okay, not like i’m working for Cartel or anything, so why should i care.

Came home and it was social studies all the way. Boring. But for good results, i’m willing to bear the pain. Haha. I see this bright future ahead of me. uh-huh!

Alright, school tmrw. ORP again! Night lovelies!

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