in case the words aint clear, it actually writes

Had cheena oral today. ZOMG (hahah, this ZOMG thing is really damn funny. All thanks to david and the new action twin and i came out with) Haha. Anw, oral was really scary. i was trembling, like a lot. And i stuttered a lot, which didn’t really help. Now i can only pray that i did well (:

School was fun today, wIth the bunch of ppl. but i dont like the new block testing timetable. we’re always doing papers and more papers. Soon… it’ll take its toll on me. But i do love the laughter and all in school.

Ystd was well spent with (: Hahahha. Alright, i’ll save on the details, its 11.02 alrdy. Nights ppl!

  1. i know what zomg means
    it means zac! oh my god!
    if not its zac! oil my groin!
    maybe its zac orders many girls
    but the best is zac(cheam) obviously means gay
    i can’t possibly be gay of course
    (zac, only my guy)

  2. luvcbelle said:

    Re: i know what zomg means
    Hahah, actually ZOMG just means omgosh. Hahah, but its a new word. Hahah. I miss you clique. ttysoon okay!

  3. ZOMG+(hand thingy)
    Zomg! Hahahaha,now everyone’s making fun of that word. HAHA my music also zomg la. mik nak also uses ZOMG. Hahahaha lame siaaaaaa(prawns dont walk!) Then belle was say laaaaame. But who cares.
    I love you super BFF! I’m happy you had your day well spent with ME. ME. ME. ZacOMG. Ooops,I didnt just say that. Hahaha dont delete this I tell you. Heehee!
    Heartheart x1000000 πŸ™‚ XoXo
    Ps: That boob face is annoying me. You know who’s boob face right?Aiyah,I think you know. (Telepathy telepathy!) Heehee. Buaibuaiiii πŸ˜€

  4. Anonymous said:

    haha crap, i hope zac loo doesnt see this, u gals sure are random… thanks for the LJ work cris

  5. Anonymous said:

    Re: zac
    oh erm, nothin, hi old friend zac, zac here

  6. luvcbelle said:

    Re: zac
    Hahhah, nothing (:

  7. luvcbelle said:

    Re: zac
    Hhahaha, you are the random one okay. Ha (:

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