the new ride that we managed to sit, haah

and this too (:

Sentosa trip was fun ystd. But the sun was super hot, i felt like i was in the oven, although i haven’t exactly been in one yet. Its just an analogy. Haha. Sat many new rides and all.

And i have 5 words. “I miss Nativity Youth Camp”. Okay, Confirmation this sunday! Pretty numb bout it though. Oh wells.

Okay, ttfn! Church clean up tmrw. And Lectors BBQ after that. Busy day i’ve got. And last day of holiday’s today. urgh.

  1. was, am and will be handphoneless
    what’s wrong with not having a handphone
    its very convenient not to have one
    and i should be coming online more often since its my holidays
    and besides we just talked that night
    wasn’t very long ago
    oh yah i got something important to ask you when you come online

  2. luvcbelle said:

    Re: (:
    Haha, Thank you! lovelove!(:

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