Group ONE!

I’m back back back! Back from NYC. the 3 Day NYC was awesome! Hahah. NYC as in Nativity Youth Camp and not New York City.

Camp was more to the fun side than to the spiritual side. Esp the amazing race and all. We went Sentosa and we sat on the LUGE. omgosh… yes. It was exciting, thrilling and i gave the person a hard time teaching me how to use it. Uh, the wheels kinda like went over his feet.

And eww, i just drank like this really really concentrated apple juice. Imagine 30ml of apple juice with 6 melted ice. It was really gross. omgosh, now i know what to do to ppl i hate. -writes down on my how-to-treat-my-evil-friend booklet.

Oh, and i need to reply msgs. damn, some of them are 2 days late. Hahha. sorry cathy and joanne. I’m gg to reply you ppl now. I miss you guys!

And i’m still looking for more pictures. Look for me if you have.

And my blueblack’s really really bad. I think its worst than before. doctor alert! haha. and i THINK i sprained my ankle. Gosh!

Hi Mark!

Cbelle, Mark, Aloy, Twin


Yoko and Samuel



See, i told you we sat on the luge!


And again, without uh Mark and Aloy in the backgorund. Haha.

Mark’s Gay Partner. haha

  1. yes i am indeed a genius
    but i’m a lonely and bored with reality genius
    how come i never had fun church camps
    all i ever had was 20 hours of praying and ice breaking all day for 3 days
    and now i am working myself into a frenzy to earn money to support myself
    guess that pretty much takes a lot out of life
    anyway great that you had fun
    one day i will too

  2. sauyan said:

    gahhhhhhh, I MISS YOUR TWIN, CBELLE!! ):
    and imy too 😀 HEHEHEHE.

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