how-do-you-do friends on earth? School was awe-alot (from the word aweSOME) today. We did practically nothing today, except chinese review for the first uh 1 hr, then school was just photo galore 😀 Alright, i shall just let the photos do the talking. There’s Siwing, Happy pill (oh oh! Notice that she’s always with this yellow clown pen, haha), Sweet<3, Bestfriend, Sam and Maddy. Enjoy 😀

If you would like your shoes to be drawn like this (and i assure you with great designs), go to 😀

Alright, thats all folks. i can’t believe i spent 2 hours uploading the pictures. love yall. Yay, tmrw’s like the official last day of school. Gdbye.

  1. Anonymous said:

    happy pill!
    hahaha, that’s ALOT of pictures.
    uhhum, that doll pen’s my next bestfriend twin.(:
    eh, looks like you and abelle, HAHAHA.
    more camwhoring kay, caaaant waaaait t take mroe pictures with my bestfriend pen and obviously all those people like y’all who will go spassos w me :DDDD
    happy pill just, rock luh rock. ❤

  2. luvcbelle said:

    Re: happy pill!
    Happy Pill! You never fail to crack me up everyday, esp during our boring assemblies. We should have more camwhoring. Don’t worry, there’s more to come. And i think you should get the clown pen, you’re damn obsessed with it. Hahah.
    -presses lips together and fans myself (its the stupid face btw!) Hahah love you happy pill!

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