Hi Friends from my FF class, i can see you in the last picture. Haha, Esp Marcus and Kevin. Oh and did i mention that Kevin was having really random spasm attacks during ff lessons today. He just randomly sang songs, loudly. but it was pretty hilarious, Haha.

Oh yes, please check out this website. Apparently its opened by Peiying, Maddy and Sam Sng. Haha, check out their stuff, i can say its worth every cent.

Click here for pretty book cover designs and artistic shoes!

Okay, so i don’t know what i did today, kinda screwed up la (but not in a very big way, Haha) And so, i don’t have much stuff to talk about.

And so, tmrw marks the final week of my intense mother tongue programme that chokes me daily. On the bright side, Its the LAST week, and chinese paper’s in 8days. omomomgosh! Alright, i’ll end with a hilarious covo.

Twin: Pa, buy this, i want to eat
Dad: OK
-both Abelle and Cbelle then take one each to eat
Cbelle: eee, i don’t like it.
Twin: uh… yea, me too.

HAHHAHHAHA, omgosh. Most ironic convo of the day. Gdnight people

  1. oh yes, the irony of it all
    hahahahahaha. blow flour blow

  2. luvcbelle said:

    Hahaha, yes blow blow blow. Now, i shall do the irrtating face.
    -presses lips tgt, looks at you and fan myself. Haha. i love you silly.

  3. how can you treat a man like that
    that god i’m your clique and not your poor father
    good luck for chinese anyway

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