Hi, i think i should start training myself to sleep in a non air-conditioned room.
Because if not, i’ll suffer when the school ons the aircon for our exams,
i might just end up sleeping and not doing my work you see.

wait, maybe it isn’t exactly a good idea.
Because if i do not on the aircon when i sleep,
it might just mean i’ll not be able to get to sleep
and and and, i’ll still end up sleeping during exams.

yes, maybe i should just stop changing things which might just leave me with something worst šŸ˜€ Stick to the status quo!

  1. yah
    yes i know i am posting strange things on your articles
    but i couldn’t resist
    it would be too boring without a little controversy
    and besides its boring as hell here

  2. hahaha why your face like so buay-song liddat! šŸ˜€

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