want to watch

but sadly, there’s no more tickets available ): so, i’ve decided to go catch


“Bring a picnic basket and blanket and lie under the stars (i like i like!) as the park comes to life like you have never seen before.

Whether you want to enjoy a wonderful romantic comedy, be part of a historic event, or just have a picnic, this will be a spectacular evening for young and old.

Featuring an international cast and creative team from Singapore and London’s West End. ”

03May – 27May 😀 

For more information, log on to http://www.sistic.com.sg/cms/events/index.html?content=797

Hahaha, that means, i can go catch it. Cuz by then, my Midyears would have ended. Oh, and this reminds me, 28th May is my Olevel Cheena exams. Ha, i need to date someone out to watch it. any takers?

Standard – S$43
Advance Ticket – S$33 (available until 10pm the day before performance)
VIP Package – S$78
(Includes a seat under the marquee, two glasses of wine, canapes and a souvenir programme.)

I can date annabelleLeong out, haha. She’s fascinated by the glasses of wine. Hohoho.

And a random note, i’ve lost one side of my earring AGAIN! a star one AGAIN! urgh. i need to get a new pair of star earring soon.

Anw, i’ve been having the song Tiger Lily as my earworm of the day. Its sucha sweeeeetttt song. Ha. And school’s starting late tmrw. -grinns. Alright, time check: 11.25pm. Off to bed. Goodbye.

Here i come Midsummer night’s dream. HAHA.

  1. boo
    Hey sweetie!
    your a cam whore too huh.
    sama sama!

  2. i am the phantom of the operator
    you have to watch the phantom of the opera man
    the andrew lloyd webber one
    which probably is the one in the picture there
    anyway i would have gone and watch with you and also drive you there and back (good to have a clique like me eh)
    midsummer night’s dream is pretty good also lah
    nick bottom is/should be funny
    what historic event would it be ? are they getting an actor with a real donkey’s head for the first time ? or are they using real live fairies as oberon and titania ?
    and what the !@#$ is a cam whore ?
    sounds pretty dirty
    anyway i’ve gone off the point
    miss you, good luck with cheena (if i can pass, so can you) and erm… buy me a birthday present

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